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My name is Mascha Burgerhoudt and I have had my hands in the clay on and off, since I was five years old. I started working with clay fulltime in 2015 at Åsane Folkehøgskole in Bergen, Norway, after that I started my study in clay and ceramics at the Univeristy College of Southeast Norway in Notodden. Then I went one year abroad to Tallinn, Estoina to finish my bachelors degree at the Estoinian Academy of Arts.

I was born in Leiden, The Netherlands in 1996. As a ten year old, I moved to Drangedal, Norway. Where I grew up in the beautiful forest of Telemark. 

Everything around me inspires me. The nature I walk in every day, people and their way of thinking, something I see in a recipe or just a tiny glims of something in my unconsciousness.

I like every part of ceramics. Earth, water, air, fire. Handbuilding, with coils or with slabs, throwing on the wheel, slipdecorating, the exitement of mixing new glazes and opening a kiln after it is fired. This is my passion.

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